Seventh Litter  

Last photos
(10 weeks):

Seal tabby point girl (reserved)

Seal tabby point girl (reserved)

Seal tabby point girl (reserved)

Previous photos:

Brother and sister

Seal tabby point boy (sold)

Seal tabby point girl


Seal tabby girl

Seal tabby boy and second seal girl (sold)

Seal point girl (sold)

Emelya, elder brother (sold)

Second seal point girl (sold)

Seal tabby girl, 4 weeks

Seal point girl, 4 weeks

Seal tabby boy, 4 weeks

Second seal point girl, 4 weeks

Taking a bath

Emelya, elder brother

Seal point girl

Seal tabby point girl

Seal point girl

Daddy and elder brother will always help...

"No photos!" Seal tabby point boy

Father Arsenii on duty

On 8/01/05 our Iris gave birth to four kittens:
three females (two seal points and one seal tabby point) and one male (seal tabby point)!

Father: Int.Ch. Arsenii Velikii Ohotnik, seal point,
Mother: Gr.Int.Ch. Iris Velikii Ohotnik, blue tabby point

If you are interested in our kittens, call +7(095) 427 2804 or E_MAIL ME

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