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At this page of our website we want to introduce Neva Masquerade and Siberian cats of our cattery
First to appear in our home was Arsenii Velikii Ohotnik, a seal point male. Maybe because of his magic color, maybe because he was extremely intelligent, affectionate and compassionate, we wanted to make his life more comfortable and not so lonely and decided to get him a couple.
That is how Iris Velikii Ohotnik appeared in our home. Majestic Lady with incredible blue eyes, very smart and independent. It was in distant 2001.
This couple gave birth to many interesting cats who live in our country and abroad. Iris also glorified our cattery through the whole world, when she gave birth to the wonderful male, with eyes the same deep blue like his mother- Dorofei Velikii Ohotnik, who succeeded to live in the family of Dmitrii Medvedev, third president of Russia. You can learn more about this at Dorofei“s page
Unfortunately Arsenii and Iris left us, though the memory of them is always in our heart. You can see photos at their memorial page
Neva masquerade cats in addition to their magnificent, friendly, affectionate, majestic and extremely intelligent character are very rich in colors. So, in 2005 we decided to buy a blue point female.
We bought our Ines in Sibirskaya Exotica cattery. Beauty with white coat ,bright blue eyes and excellent pedigree. She grew up in chic exhibition cat, with which we drove through many cities of Russia and abroad, winning WCF rings and shows and constantly moving to the goal of the exhibition Olympus ÷ the World Champion title. She did it in June 2010 at Moscow World Show! At the same exhibition same title was won by her grandson- Sher Han Velikii Ohotnik from Svataya Rus. At present, our well-deserved champion retired and raising their descendants, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. .
Our young breeding animals are heirs of Iris Velikii Ohotnik and Ines Sibirskaya Exotica lines, because our attachment and love for our cattery ancestors pushed us in breeding allegiance to these lines and to improvement of their type. Choosing the best animals from a well- matched pairs, we conducted painstaking breeding work. This work is still going on and improving.

Photos of our cats are on this page. In order to get to the personal page of the cat, click on her photo

Most of our animals live in different houses with their owners. Our breeding work continues for more than 15 years
Our cattery has now become collective, we bring together friends and associates who want to make the Siberian breed better, as much close to the breed standard as possible.
Our goal is a beautiful, majestic animal, with a beautiful strong body, strong sturdy legs, with the wool distinguished for its whiteness, and contrasted with the color of the points, hanging from the shoulders like a chic water-repellent coat with a lovely undercoat, with bright blue eyes, friendly, kind and intelligent, so that no one could remain indifferent.
After all, our cats are first and foremost our family members and friends who fill our lives with warmth and comfort, love and joy, make it better and kinder.
”Siberian cat is the glory and pride of Russia‘ These words belong to first president of Union of Siberian Cat Fanciers Mrs. Tatiana Pavlova. She dedicated her life to this native breed: Siberian Cat including Neva Masquerade as its color kind

We are always ready to answer your questions, Email us or call +7 495 427 2804 or +7 916 6026538

Arsinii and Iris Velikii Ohotnik
Dorofei Velikii Ohotnik, cat of third President of Russia
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